The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled makes Gabayan Riviera the ideal place to enjoy your vacation. Siquijor is a magical place, the local’s called the island “Esla del Fuego” or island of fire, it’s named for the fireflies, and once you experience the site you will agree. Mother nature has given this island and the surrounding sea an abondance to marvel any location in the world. Not marred by development has given the visitors the feel of being back in time, and the warm hospitality of its people never fail to beckon them back.

The Island lures adventurous visitors to explore its caves, springs and rivers and to climb up Mount Bandilaan, the highest peak on the island. This coral island invites diving enthusiasts’ do to the reefs that surround the island, with marine life which have been remarkably left untouched. You want to lay back and relax, Siquijor has white sandy beaches surrounding the entire island of 102 kilometers of shoreline.