The Garden Restaurant

The Garden restaurant offers Local Asian, European, and Filipino cuisines.

Our breakfast specials are a treat that will ensure that your day starts off on the right foot.

The local fishermen once in a while come to our dock with fresh catch of the day and when this happens we will be more than happy to prepare it to your liking. If seafood is not what you are after, then we will have a variety of other health-conscious meals as well as international dishes with distinct and unforgettable tastes from France, Italy, Spain or other Asian countries.

A la carte specialties will be featured daily to delight you with change and variety, since our restaurant had been operating for 8 years in Boracay and all our chefs transferred to Siquijor from there, we have been blessed with dishes that are famous not only in Boracay, but also in Taiwan, China and Korea where we had our restaurant on Television for a number of months as well as numerous awards. For our B.B.Q. Baby Back Ribs, Beer Battered Fish & Chips and a Hamburger that you will never forget.

All breads, cakes, and pastries are baked in-house by our internationally trained pastry chef.

If given a few hours, we are also able to create any dish you would like us to prepare, as long as we have the ingredients on hand. If not on hand, give us a day to get it and we make sure you get that custom dish you are craving.

100% satisfaction is our goal and we will do all we can to make sure of it.

Here’s some of the foods you should try here at The Garden’s Restaurant.
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