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The Gabayan Riviera

Siquijor island, Philippines

The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled! That's what you get at The Gabayan Riviera and which makes is the  ideal resort to enjoy your vacation on your next visit to the magical island of Siquijor. When we say "magical" there is a double meaning. Not only is it  the raw, undisturbed natural beauty of the tropics that dreams are made of, but it also has a long cultural history of being an island where witchcraft, both "Black" and "White" has been practiced by the locals Adding to its mystique, Siquijor Island is referred to as “Esla del Fuego” or island of fire.  This name stems from its abundance of  fireflies, and we guarantee that once you experience one of their night shows, you will come away with a sense of wonder and amazement. Once you get past the enchantment stage, then it will be time to experience all the other gifts Mother Nature has bestowed upon Siquijor Island. This includes exhilarated mountain waterfalls in the lush rain-forests, beautiful white sandy beaches, caves, spectacular vistas from mountain perches, and a sea teaming with coral and aquatic life. Even if you spend a week, you just will not be able to see and experience all the natural beauty there is here to offer. Not marred by development is also a huge plus. Spending time here on Siquijor has given the visitors the feel of a time when life was simpler and less stressful. The local people, not tainted by overblown commercialism,are extremely welcoming and hospitable. If you do not fall in love with natural beauty of Siquijor, we are sure you will be seduced by the locals and their unique culture. Hey, maybe it will be both you will fall in love with, and never want to leave ! So, if you are looking to fall in love, book your next vacation to Siquijor and come explore all it has to offer.


gabayan riviera siquijor resort

General Manager note to guests:


For a year we have been looking at the entire world being closed and prayed that it would end soon. I have been blessed in being able to stay at Gabayan Riviera, to live without fear and having peace of mind for our children. I invite you all to experience the feeling of being safe with no worries about the pandemic in our sanctuary resort.

William (Bill) McGrath

General Manager


The global outbreak of the coronavirus has likely changed what travelers are looking for when choosing a destination for their vacation. As a luxury resorts, we are equipped with separate villas with their own exclusive facilities, as well your own private extensively trained butler/housekeeper that will bring an air of comfort and safety in creating a home away from home with the atmosphere and safety. Gardening meets modern luxury at Gabayan Riviera, and we are serious about it. We grow our own produce, not only because of the fresh and high-quality food we serve, but also in the event that the food could be contaminated from an outside source or in short supply in some areas. So, we have created our own vegetable garden. We welcome guests to browse through our garden and choose the items they would like, then our chef’s will prepare your meal with the items you have chosen.