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Siquijor has emerged as one of the premier diving destinations in the Philippines, attracting avid divers seeking a sanctuary beneath the waves. The dive sites in this region are teeming with thriving corals that seem to have been crafted exclusively for underwater photography. Siquijor presents a macro-lover’s paradise, with coral-covered walls that captivate the senses. Explorers can delve into a world of leather corals, soft corals, hard corals, fans, sponges, and hydroids. This abundant reef ecosystem serves as a habitat for magnificent creatures such as giant frogfish, cuttlefish, Spanish dancers, ornate ghost pipefish, nudibranches, and various species of shrimp. And if that weren’t enough to entice you to dive in Siquijor, you can also encounter impressive schools of fish and pelagic species. Common sightings include fusiliers, mackerels, lionfish, and glassfish. Deeper dives might unveil schools of barracuda, blue-spotted rays, turtles, and eagle rays. For the thrill-seekers, Siquijor also offers world-class night diving opportunities. With dive options suitable for all skill levels and a plethora of activities above the water, Siquijor presents itself as an ideal destination for a memorable diving vacation in the Philippines.

At Sea Pearl Divers, we prioritize safety and fun throughout your diving experience. Equipped with brand new gear and centrally located in San Juan, our dive shop is prepared to guide you on thrilling diving excursions or snorkeling adventures. Whether we travel by speedboat or car, we will take you to the finest dive sites around the island. Our knowledgeable instructors and dive masters will accompany you on dives or impart their expertise to help you become a certified diver. Siquijor offers year-round diving opportunities, with many sites accessible via shore entry. The remarkable wall diving in Siquijor has garnered well-deserved acclaim, allowing you to swim alongside majestic turtles or simply revel in the beauty of pristine coral gardens. Along the coastline, you’ll discover stretches of white sand beaches, while beneath the surface, the reefs remain in impeccable condition, adorned with majestic corals and a diverse array of fish. From macro photography to encounters with larger marine creatures, Siquijor offers an abundance of underwater wonders. The marine life surrounding Siquijor exemplifies the Philippines’ reputation as a renowned diving destination. Since 1978, Siquijor has been designated a marine reserve, ensuring the preservation of its vibrant underwater ecosystem. Diving in Siquijor promises to create indelible memories and incomparable dive experiences that will stay with you forever.